Monday, 23 December 2013


Majestic Multimedia Academy (MMA) is planned to run its programs ONLY on weekends, specifically on Saturdays with classes spanning for not more than two hours per day. Registration for the inaugural training program of the school is free and in progress. Classes are scheduled to start on Saturday, January 4, 2014 by 4pm-6pm, and will run for eight (8) weekends. At completion, each student would have undertaken and completed a project (a picture story). Such projects will be uploaded unto the academy’s online gallery and exhibited to the general public. Students will earn a certification as a mark of their newly acquired skill set.

We hereby invite you specially to enroll your wards to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to learn something new. Kindly send the name, age, sex of each child you wish to register to OR call either 08126572020 or 08033830101 with details.

This take off program is free, however we would very much appreciate any donation as you are led, to help us cover costs.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Multimedia is the presentation of information using a combination of text, sound, pictures, animation and videos. It is complimentary to give your child a vocational skill (Multimedia skill). This in addition to the formal education better equips the child for success, particularly here in Nigeria. A child with a vocation will always find something useful to do while searching for the desirable employment.

It is important to include Multimedia Literacy in the education of the upcoming generation. It is a fundamental skill for a budding generation. It relates to all media, including television, and film, radio and recorded music, graphics and print media, the internet, and other new digital communication technologies.
Multimedia learning can be significant for your child